Welcome to my studio! This is where I create handcrafted stained glass gifts for your 'Someone Special'!

Many years ago, I made stained glass gifts purely as a hobby which I loved doing - albeit with no serious equipment -  but 'a career' came along - and time didn't allow me the luxury of such a hobby!
Now, years later, I have taken up the glass cutter again and work in my beautiful colourful studio with all the different coloured glass around me and with professional glass cutter tools - it's a real workspace and what's more - I now sell my glass!
It's a great life, especially as I have my darling Gordon Setter, Brinkley to keep me company and when it's on, Test Match Special on the radio!
Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and I hope you will find 'just the thing' you are looking for!